'He has an amazing imagination': 12-year-old child with autism has book selling in stores

"He has an amazing imagination": 12-year-old child with autism has book selling in stores

ROSEBURG, Ore. - For many children with autism, there are struggles throughout life that make it difficult to be seen as "normal." But for one child in Roseburg, he has used his autism to help make his dreams come true.

Sean Butler is 12-years-old, and has an amazing talent for writing stories. His first book is a story about him and his dog, Scout, getting lost in the jungle.

Sean's mom, Joan Butler, says that her son's confidence level has grown as he gets to show his creativity.

"And once the book came out, you could see his confidence build up even more," said Butler. "And that made him decide that he wanted to write more books."

But for Sean, things were often tough when he was growing up, and his future was not always clear.

"Going from a place where they didn't think that he would ever talk, I didn't think I'd ever hear a word from him," said Butler. "And now he's writing books, so I'm very proud of him."

For Sean's family, they are hoping that this book will be an inspiration for others.

"Because people think, for some reason, that children with autism don't have an imagination," said Debbie Caterson, Sean's grandmother. "He has an amazing imagination, and there's more children out there on the spectrum that have imagination too."

Sean's book is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. As for his writing career, he is hoping to write more books in the future, using his imagination and showing that autism has no limitation.

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