Husband & wife traveling thousands of miles for charity pass through Coos Bay

Kicking the States: Bex Band and Gil Drori raise funds for charity by kick-scooting across the USA. (SBG)

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Bex Band and Gil Drori are always up for an adventure. Married for three years, they've been on more than a few road trips.

But nothing quite like this.

"This is the biggest expedition we've ever done; this is a really big one," Band says.

They traveled more than 1,500 miles, from 30 to 50 miles a day, for the "Kicking the States Fundraiser," in which they kick-scoot their way across the USA.

But they say it's worth it to raise money for a charity, Africa's Children in Education, and a new school in the works in Tanzania.

"We visited the village and we saw the school. It's half built at the moment and we saw just how much of a difference that education has on the lives of the children that were able to attend."

"Our goal is to fund-raise $10,000 to build another classroom in the school," Drori says. "We've done about $2,000 so far."

They've been on the road for a month and have two more months to reach their goal within their 90-day visa time frame.

A lot of the money they've raised comes from people seeing them on their scooters and deciding to help.

"We're relying on the generosity of people to take us in," says Band.

"The best part of the adventure is the people you meet and the people that are supporting us."

They now have just under 1,000 miles and $8,000 to go to help their international cause.

For more information, visit their web page.

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