'I feel like it's not just about women's rights, it's about rights as people'

Thousands of peaceful protesters took to the Eugene streets on Saturday for the second annual Eugene Women's March, which takes place on the anniversary of President Trump's inauguration. (Photos courtesy of Zachary Neel)

COOS BAY, Ore. - Hundreds of people lined the streets of Coos Bay over the weekend for this year's Women's March.

In solidarity with the Women's March on Washington and other cities around the world, the march in Coos Bay tool place on Saturday along Bayshore Drive.

Peaceful protesters expressed their concerns about women's rights and the future under President Trump's administration.

"The past year has been pretty awful with the government and the amount of lies and deceit that's been imposed on the American people and the rest of the world," said David Strope, who attended the march. "I can't let it go on any longer without standing up for the oppression that is ever-present around us."

"I feel like it's not just about women's rights, it's about rights as people," said Octavia Kazaar-Shafer, who also attended the march. "You see this class warfare coming about, it's always been there but it's coming back again, which is not a good thing to have come back again."

The one year anniversary of the Women's March had a collective theme: "Power to the Polls."

Close to 400 people showed up at the Women's March in Coos Bay, and organizers say they plan to make it an annual event.

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