"I think fire crews are very tired,": Fire season all but over in Oregon

Burned trees near Eagle Creek on Toothrock Mountain. (Photo: Chris Liedle, KATU Reporter)

While a number of fires are burning out of control in California, Oregon is not far removed from a devastating fire season that saw thousands of acres of the Willamette National Forest go up in flames.

The air quality has cleared up in the last few weeks, and fall's cooler temperatures and rain have tempered several of Oregon's fires. Still though, scars of the fire season remain.

"For as long as the Willamette has been a national forest since the '30's, this has been a fire season of record," said Duane Bishop, of the Middle Fork Ranger District. "It's been a long fire season across the whole Willamette national Forest - I think fire crews are very tired."

As the seasons change, though, Bishop says the the load for firefighters has been getting easier.

"The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are changing. Mother nature has give firefighters a huge boost with controlling the flames," said Bishop.

All of the fires in the Willamette National Forest are more than 90% contained, including the Jones, Kelsey and Staley fires. Now, crews are waiting for the snow to completely burn out the embers.

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