Investigators: 3 juveniles with stolen handgun caused lockdown at Lebanon High

A student reported seeing a handgun in the pocket of a male classmate at Lebanon High School Friday, according to police. The investigation found 3 juveniles brought a stolen gun to school and passed it among themselves. No shots were fired. There are no reports of injuries. Parents swarmed campus to pick up their kids. (SBG)

LEBANON, Ore. - Three students passed a stolen handgun between themselves while inside Lebanon High School on Friday morning, touching off a lockdown at that school and schools across the community.

The investigation started when a student reported seeing a classmate with a handgun at school.

The school locked down, as did others across town, while police searched the school room by room.

With little information and the news of a deadly school shooting in Texas on their minds, parents swarmed the high school looking for news.

After more than an hour, police gave the all clear: the mother of one of the students brought him back to school to talk to police.

"The investigation revealed that three juveniles were in possession of a single gun, which they passed among themselves while inside the school," police said in a report. "As a result of interviews conducted, the handgun was located (unloaded) at a residence inside of the city limits of Lebanon."

The handgun was reported to be stolen on May 13 from a resident living in Lebanon.

All 3 juveniles are now in custody.

"With the cooperation of witnesses, persons of interest and their parents, they are currently in protective custody for the following charges: Possession of Firearm or Dangerous Weapon in Public Building or Court Facility, Theft in the First Degree, Disorderly Conduct in the First Degree, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Hindering Prosecution," Lebanon Police said. "Additional charges may follow, as this is an active investigation. Because the subjects involved are juveniles, their names will not be released at this time."

No shots were fired. No one reported being injured.

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