'It was really scary, it kind of makes your heart drop'

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    LANE COUNTY, Ore. - Kids from several area schools are back at home tonight after they spent the day on a lock-out following the shooting on Bailey Lane.

    There were many relived parents who say it was terrifying to get that message this morning.

    Kids at Monroe Middle School, Sheldon High School, St Paul Parish School, Holt Elementary School, and Buena Vista Elementary were all placed on Lockout after the incident started as a lock-down.

    Using their emergency alert system, 4J alerted parents via phone calls, text and email sometime after 10 this morning, telling them the incident was not related to the school and asking parents to please not come to the school.

    Instead, they asked them to pick up their kids at the scheduled time of 3:35. Something parents say wasn’t easy.

    "I heard that they were handling it very well," said Lisa Walker, a parent of two at St. Paul and Sheldon. "I like that they locked the school down and I did also hear that there was a heavy police presence."

    Kerry Delf, with Eugene 4-J, says a lockout means the doors are secured and no one is allowed in. Recesses are kept inside, but besides that, the day goes on as normal.

    “School being in a lockout doesn’t mean the day has changed," said Delf. "Inside, the school day continues normally for students inside. Nobody is going in and out of the school."

    Eugene Police had Bailey lane blocked off most of the day, but allowed the parents to pick up their kids on the west side of the school. There were at least a dozen Eugene Police Officers at the school during that time.

    All on-duty EPD School Resource Officers immediately self-deployed to Monroe Middle School to protect the students and staff.

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