'It's a humbling experience': New Sutherlin police chief no stranger to community

Sutherlin Police Chief Troy Mills (Sutherlin PD photo)

SUTHERLIN, Ore. -- The Sutherlin Police Department may have a new chief, but he’s no stranger to Sutherlin.

Chief Troy Mills has been with the department for thirteen years.

"I never in a million years never thought I would be the chief of police anywhere, a matter of fact," Chief Mills told us.

Mills began his career as a police officer, then sergeant and lieutenant, but he says being chief is like nothing else.

"(It’s a) humbling experience,” Mills said. “You never expect to get a position like this, ya know. It humbles you, and the support that I've had through the community and the officers and the city employees is outstanding."

And though the job can be tough, he has one solid goal in mind.

"I want to make sure the police department has good teamwork and collaboration with the community. That's the best and easiest way to get our job completed - through teamwork.”

He also wants the community of Sutherlin to know that he is here to stay.

"I started my career here. I thought of ending my career here. I like it here; it's a great community."

Chief Mills plans to keep his officers up to date with the latest training, and If you see him out in the community, he wants you to say hello.

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