'It's sometimes difficult to find someone not wearing a seat belt, which is a good thing'

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COOS BAY, Ore. -- It's summertime and, as more people are preparing for road trips and long drives, the Coos Bay Police Department is working to increase awareness about safe driving.

We took a ride with Officer Thomas Lindahl to find out more.

"We're out doing seat belt enforcement, child safety seat enforcement,” he said, “so I’m out specifically with grant-funded dollars to enforce traffic violations."

The safety enforcement blitz, as the police department calls it, lasts two weeks and the focus is on safe driving practices.

"Safety-related issues, again, like seat belts child safety seats, kids riding in the back of trucks, that sort of thing," Lindahl said.

During this time, you'll see more patrol cars on the streets than normal.

Lindahl says he's noticed a difference since these campaigns started: “It's sometimes difficult to find someone not wearing a seat belt, which is a good thing."

A ticket for not wearing your seat belt will cost you over a hundred dollars, so police encourage you to click it - or risk a ticket.

And they've had a good track record.

"We have really high statistics of people riding with seat belts," said Lindahl.

96 percent, to be exact, which is higher than the national average.

But Coos Bay police are hoping for 100 percent.

"They're here for a purpose,” said Lindahl. “They can help prevent injuries and definitely save lives and it's easy to use, easy to wear, and better than the alternative when faced with a car crash."

The enforcement campaign continues through this week.

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