Itsy Bitsy Preschool: Coos County moms find unique solution for preschool shortage

Itsy Bitsy Preschool (SBG image)

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Like many rural areas, there is a shortage of preschools in Coos County, and it’s prompted a group of local parents to come up with a unique solution.

Kids are learning at the Itsy Bitsy Preschool, a co-op run by a group of parents.

"When I got here there was a pre-school that had started but my daughter was not the right age for it, so I and a few friends just decided to start our own," said Teresa Huff.

The Itsy Bitsy Preschool has seven kids and seven moms. Parents take turns teaching classes at their homes.

"When they start out really young, it's hard for them to sit in their seats,” said Huff, “but as you keep going, as the year progresses, they'll sit even longer and longer and it's just fun to get to see them be excited about learning.”

The moms hold the preschool sessions twice a week.

They offered some advice to parents thinking of starting their own co-op preschool.

"It's really really easy,” said Itsy Bitsy mom Ilene Ramirez, “there's so much stuff on the internet--Pinterest is one of our best friends--you can just type in whatever subject you want to do."

"I'd encourage anyone that wants to do it to get some friends and just start," said Huff.

The parents plan to continue the co-op, which is in its fourth year of operation, until all the kids get to kindergarten.

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