Ladies Night: Charleston Fishing Families host event for relief fund

Charleston Fishing Families hosted their first ever Ladies Night fundraiser event. (KCBY image)

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- Some ladies in Coos County headed out over the weekend to get pampered for a good cause.

Charleston Fishing Families hosted its first Ladies Night event Saturday at the Mill Casino.

The non-profit formed two years ago to help local fishing families in times of need.

Attendees were treated to chair massages, prizes and more.

"As a fisherman's wife of 20 years, I feel that this organization is important to our community, especially the fishing community,” said Ladies Night attendee Naomi Hockema. “We haven't had a lot of that support in the past and it's amazing what they're doing; I'm really proud of these ladies and here to show my support."

The group raised over $2,000 that will go into a relief fund.

They say they're not just here to help commercial fishermen's families: "We want to include anybody that has anything to do with the fishing industries, whether you work at a fish plant, whether you work at one of the restaurants in Charleston; all those people support our fishermen on a daily basis and we want to support you," said Melissa Clemens with Charleston Fishing Families.

For more information on how to apply for assistance or volunteer with the group, visit the Charleston Fishing Families Facebook page.

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