Law enforcement undergoes second annual Crisis Intervention training.

Coos Bay Police Department (File/SBG photo)

COOS BAY, Ore. - Local law enforcement agencies partnered with Coos Health and Wellness this week for the second annual Crisis Intervention Training.

The week-long training brought local mental health organizations and officers together. They discussed different types of mental illnesses and how to properly deal and address those type of situation out on the field.

"I felt like it would also be another way of developing partnerships and creating some new alliances with the officers in our community and help start to create a conversations with them on how to better treat and engage the mentally ill in our community," said Ross Acker, with Coos Health and Wellness.

This year, 30 officers from different departments, including the Coos Bay and Coquille Tribal Police Department, attended the CIT Training.

"We're trying to get more skills to help listen to them, help get them," said Chief Scott Lafever, with the Coquille Tribal Police Department. "Maybe it's not just one option to solve this problem, but now there are four other options. We can help these individuals or folks out; help get them the help they need to help resolve problems."

CIT training organizers say local officers learned skills that were taught at the FBI level.

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