Douglas County Library branches scheduled to close April 1, Roseburg branch on May 30

(SBG photo)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Douglas County commissioners announced a plan this week to begin shutting down the county's libraries.

Following the failure of the library taxing district, there is no money in the county's budget to operate the libraries, officials said.

Now all eleven branches in the system are slated to close from Canyonville to Yoncalla.

A local private school that relies on the public library for educational purposes spoke out about the situation.

"When you're forced to just use the internet, and anyone can post on there, versus a printed source, you can't verify; it's not verifiable,” explained Melrose Christian School teacher Serena Fink. “At the college level, you're required to have printed sources. So … not sure. Haven't faced it before."

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One woman said she views the library as a cornerstone to growing up.

"My mom got me my own library card and I would come in and pick out my books that I wanted. Ya know, libraries are a part of life," said library patron Darlene Mason.

The closure of the ten branch libraries is scheduled for April 1.

The county's main public library in Roseburg will close May 30.

Douglas County commissioners say the extra time will allow for developing other plans in response to their decision.

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