Lightning storm results in around 25 strikes on Douglas District

(File/USDA Forest Service photo)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A lightning storm moved over a portion of the Douglas District Wednesday evening, resulting in approximately 25 lightning strikes either on or within 1 mile of Douglas Forest Protective Association protected land, DFPA said in a news release.

As of Wednesday night, firefighters located and suppressed one fire that was a result of the lightning.

Crews stopped the Rondeau Butte Fire, located 4 miles northeast of Tiller at 1/100th of an acre.

Fire crews will monitor the lightning-affected areas for approximately the next week, looking for any additional lightning-related fires.

The current weather forecast calls for a chance of additional lighting storms passing through the area, through Friday, officials said.

Lightning storms are forecast to produce rain, which would bring much needed moisture to wildland fuels.

Firefighting resources currently assigned to the Horse Prairie Fire are available to assist DFPA with the initial attack of new fire starts, if needed.

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