Madras recruiting brewery owners with major business incentives


The City of Madras is giving major incentives to anyone wanting to open the town's first brewery.

In an initiative launched this week, the Madras Redevelopment Commission (MRC) is offering a package of incentives and assistance to help Madras’ first craft brewer open a brewery. The initiative comes in the wake of the 2017 Solar Eclipse, where Madras became a destination spot for people all over the world, as well as increasing tourism to Central Oregon and Oregon's growing

The creators of the initiative list several reasons for Madras being the ideal location for the brewery, including pure water from Opal Springs, farm-to-table opportunities, the opportunity to be the first brewery in Madras, the prime tourist destination of Central Oregon and the package of business incentives.

Examples of the incentives include site selection, architecture costs, engineering costs, permit fees, building renovation costs, technical assistance, market research and a start-up loan opportunity.

If you're interested in starting a brewery in Madras, contact the City of Madras Community Development Director, Nick Snead at

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