Marshfield High finds new ways to combat bullying

Marshfield High School (File/SBG photo)

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Marshfield High School is finding new ways to combat bullying.

The school now has an online harassment and complaint sheet where students can anonymously report incidents.

School officials say most reports don't fall under the category of bullying, but students feel more comfortable reporting online than coming into an office.

Additionally, a "peer-helpers" group is currently being developed, training students to help other students with personal issues they may be going through.

"Bullying, unfortunately, it something that exists daily,” says MHS vice principal Eli Ashton. “We'd love to be able to eradicate it, get rid of it, but that’s not realistic; it's going to happen. So we need to help kids understand how to work through that, how to report it, how to feel more comfortable, more safe at school, so that those kind issues, when they do arise, how they're going to handle it."

Ashton says they hope to have the peer-helpers group ready in November.

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