More Peacehealth Bikes to pop up around Eugene in the future

Sponsors & community members gather to launch Eugene's first bike-sharing program, PeaceHealth Rides, on April 19, 2018 at EWEB River Edge Plaza in Eugene, Ore. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. -- There could soon be more PeaceHealth blue bikes throughout Eugene.

It's all part of Eugene’s new bike-share system that kicked off last month, called PeaceHealth Rides.

The program has attracted over 3,000 members in the first month of the program.

The program’s general manager says new cities with bike-sharing programs usually take a few months before customers start to ride several times a day.

But here in Eugene, residents have surpassed expectations.

Now, the program is looking into the future by adding more services in the area.

“Hopefully, being able to expand the system, adding more stations, bikes, and then we will also be at a number of events doing pop-up stations where people can ride out to the food truck festival for example,” says PeaceHealth Rides general manager Lindsey Howard.

Hayward says PeaceHealth Rides is popular among University of Oregon students, residents who commute to work, and people using it for fun.

In the first month of the program, Eugene residents have used a total of 20,000 trips.

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