Officials look to restore portions of Oregon Dunes between Baker Beach and Coos Bay

(KCBY image)

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Forestry officials are looking to restore portions of the Oregon Dunes and are looking for your input on the project.

The area in question stretches between Baker Beach and Coos Bay.

Officials say the proposal includes plans to improve and increase habitat for the western snowy plover.

They'll also focus on removing and preventing the spread of invasive plants that have altered the Dunes' ecology and reduced the areas of open sand.

If nothing is done, forestry officials say the dunes as we know them will disappear.

"Essentially, what would happen is the dune area will no longer look different from any of the adjacent coastal landscapes and that will be a major loss on a whole wide variety of perspectives," said forestry official Jane Kertis.

Kertis says the forest service will soon release more information about the restoration project.

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