Oregon State Police unveil new patrol vehicles

Oregon State Police revealed their re-designed patrol vehicles on Dec. 22, 2017. Photo courtesy Oregon State Police

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon State Police were excited to show off their new patrol cars Friday.

They recently redesigned their vehicles, saying the new design will save money and make the cars more visible on roadways at night.

The cars will feature the new OSP logo that they say, “promotes our 5 Values: Honor, Loyalty, Dedication, Compassion and Integrity; and let’s face it, just looks cool!”

Sr. Trooper Reel is the lucky employee to get the first redesigned patrol car.

OSP says Reel has been with them for more than 13 years and is currently working in Government Camp. They say he’s been instrumental in coaching new recruits and mentoring his peers.

They say the first Fish and Wildlife truck has been assigned to Sr. Trooper Andrews who has been with OSP for more than 8 years and is currently assigned to the Salem area.

Andrews works as a public safety officer and game warden.

Look for the newly-designed patrol cars on the roads.

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