Pacific Power to reduce cost for those who opt-out of smart meters

    Pacific Power hopes to install 600,000 smart meters throughout Oregon in the coming year. (SBG)

    COOS COUNTY, Ore. - Pacific Power is planning to reduce the cost for those who choose to opt-out of smart meters.

    The company's proposal will be presented at a hearing Tuesday morning in Salem.

    A Pacifc Power employee says they made the move after getting feedback on the financial burden on someone paying a monthly $36 reading fee.

    "The customized fixed monthly payment will be based on their previous year of electricity usage,” said Etta Lockey, with Pacific Power. “So we'll take that and turn it into an average we'll include the $36 a month manual meter reading fee but only three times to come up with a set amount that they pay every single month for 12 months.”

    The meter reading fee can be charged three times a year or $9 per month.

    An average bill for 900 kilowatt hours use with a 7.5 percent fee to cover fluctuations and the monthly fee would be about $115 a month. If approved, it would go into effect March 1st.

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