Past, present and future women veterans honored with statue in Springfield

Veterans Day statue unveiled in Springfield to honor the women who fight

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - The city of Springfield is honoring veterans a day early, with the unveiling of a new statue happening on Friday afternoon.

The driving rain didn't keep spectators away, and there were more than 100 people in attendance. The statue was put up to specifically honor and recognize women who served in the military.

There were somber moments before an exciting unveiling of the statue that depicts three female lions, now sitting in Veterans Memorial Plaza in Springfield.

The goal behind the statue is to represent every woman who has served. The middle lioness signifies future women veterans looking ahead with strength and hope. To her left, another lioness representing women veterans of the past who will guide her sisters with wisdom. And on the far right, a lioness to portray the present day women veterans, ready to fight.

"We are proud of this memorial," said Shelly Corteville, an army veteran. "We hope that women veterans will come and find themselves in this memorial."

Veterans day is only one day a year, but this statue will stand day in and day out, recognizing women in the military for generations to come.

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