Police: 2 people arrested in possession of drugs, stolen car, and gun

(Yreka Police Department)

Two people have been arrested for a stolen vehicle with possession of a weapon and drugs on Sunday in Yreka.

Yreka Police responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle located in the employee parking lot on the south side of Casa Ramos Restaurant on the 100 block of Montague Rd.

Officers on scene found two suspects inside a silver 2001 Honda Accord. The scene quickly escalated when officers were told that the suspects were armed and the car was stolen from Sutherlin, Ore.

Police drew their weapons toward the suspects. That's when a male suspect, 26-year-old Christopher Landrum of Oregon, reached under the left side of his lap, for a what police believe to have been a potential weapon.

Landrum was taken into custody after failing to comply with officer's demands. A .45 semi-automatic with a live round in the chamber was found in his possession.

The second suspect, 18-year-old Ashley Pulford also from Oregon, was arrested for possession of a loaded magazine for the stolen gun and small bags of marijuana stuffed in her undergarments.

Police also found filed down Honda keys on both suspects.

They were both booked into the Siskiyou County Jail on the following charges:

  • Landrum: auto theft, possession of a stolen gun, ammunition, and resisting arrest.
  • Pulford: auto theft, possession of a stolen gun, a stolen billy club, controlled substance paraphernalia and bringing a controlled substance into jail.

Additional charges to be added.

The case is still under investigation.

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