Police find man who was shot at after crashing pickup into Roseburg lawn

(SBG image)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Deputies in Douglas County say they have found a man who was shot at after a motor vehicle crash in Roseburg.

The man is reportedly uninjured after being shot at after his pickup crashed in the front lawn of a home on Happy Valley Road early Wednesday morning.

He ran away and his truck was later found with bullet holes.

Deputies are still determining if charges will be filed.

Police responded to the 600-block of Happy Valley just before 6 that morning and said a man grabbed a gun before going outside to check on a vehicle he heard crash in his front yard.

At that point, they said the man's son also left the house and fired several shots at the vehicle.

That’s when the pickup’s driver fled the scene.

A neighbor described hearing the gunshots.

"I was on the computer when I heard the shots and I knew they were really close so I just turned my back light on and I looked around and I didn't see anything, but I just didn't want to come out," said neighbor Emilio Melendez.

Deputies later found the pickup, with bullet holes, at the Poteet Boat Ramp on Parkhurst Court.

Witnesses at the time told investigators they saw a man running from the vehicle, but deputies said there was nothing in the pickup showing the driver had been injured.

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