Possible fee to be added to water bills in Coos Bay

    Possible fee to be added to water bills in Coos Bay

    COOS COUNTY, Ore. - Keep your eye out for a new charge that may appear on your water bill that's for something other than water.

    It's for a 'Transportation Utility Fee' in Coos Bay.

    The city manager says a new $10 monthly charge on your water bill is still in talks.

    There would also be a $20 charge for commercial businesses, from large department stores to local stores and restaurants.

    "Those dollars will be used directly for street maintenance and capital improvements,” said Rodger Craddock, the city manager. “The discussion was, 'Do we charge the same for businesses as we do residential's?’ We want to give an opportunity for all businesses and individuals to make public comment."

    If you'd like to comment on the new charge, the public input period continues for another month.

    You can also go to the next meeting or write to the city using mail, e-mail or Facebook.

    If approved, the new charge would take effect in March.

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