Principal's son disputes what happened at North Bend High in public Facebook post

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    NORTH BEND, Ore. - The son of the high school principal removed from his post after accusations of discrimination against LGBTQ students at the school says his family's side of the story has not been heard.

    Brody Lucero wrote on Facebook that "a lot of misinformation in the news lately regarding North Bend High School, My Dad, and myself based on false information."

    Lucero's father, Bill Lucero, was reassigned from his role as principal as part of a deal struck by the North Bend School District and the ACLU of Oregon.

    "The truth is he is a caring person who wants only the best for his students," the son wrote. "Maybe my dad was wrong to incorporate the Bible into his conversation with the student BUT, he did not use it for any type of persuasion, PUNISHMENT, or in a discriminatory fashion."

    The son also took exception to claims by two students that he accelerated his car towards them and yelled homophobic slurs.

    "I never nor would I ever drive at these two girls with my car while yelling homophobic slurs," he wrote. "I’ve repeatedly been brought into this mess by false allegations solely because I am the principals son not because of any factual situations. I’ve been accused of these actions again and again in the paper with no opportunity for my voice to be heard. I have sat back and watched person after person ridicule my dad and myself on social media even though no one has been told the real story."

    A reporter in Coos Bay reached out to Brody Lucero and offered him a chance to tell his side of the story Wednesday.

    "I really appreciate you wanting to report on our side of the story," he replied on Facebook. "I have talked with my family and for the time being we would like to hold off on talking to any reporters."

    A reporter in Coos Bay requested interviews Tuesday and again Wednesday with Bill Lucero, the principal in question; and North Bend Superintendent Bill Yester.

    "Bill Lucero has not indicated that he wishes to be interviewed," Brad Bixler with the North Bend School District said by email.

    Bixler said Yester was unavailable to talk. "I'll let you know once I have a time he could be available," he said.

    The teens took concerns that their complaints of harassment had been handled inappropriately by school officials to the Oregon Department of Education.

    "The Department finds that discrimination on the basis of sex and sexual orientation may have occurred," a state official wrote to superintendent Yester in March.

    The state had planned a hearing in North Bend this week. The ACLU and the school district announced a deal Monday night which, in part, removed Lucero and the school resource officers from North Bend High.

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