Q.Missions: Group of veterans travels the world, builds homes for others

The work of Q.Missions not only helps those in need, but gives veterans a mission after war. (SBG photo/Jessica Waite)

COOS BAY, Ore. -- A group of veterans are working to help the community.

Their work not only helps those in need, but gives veterans a mission after war.

The group is called Q.Missions, an operation that sends veterans to various places around the world to build homes for others.

"Q.Missions, which is the umbrella, which builds all the infrastructure, and then my personal mission is Operation Restore Hope,” says Q.Missions founder Aaron Quinonez. “It's to bring these guys to Mexico (and) restore hope in their live show them they can still make a difference in the world, and then set them loose in the world and let them do projects like this. Let them help people."

Quinonez says this group allows veterans to continue serving their country after war.

Their work in Operation Restore Hope is patterned after a boot camp and continues missions in their own communities.

"rather than replace shingles, why don't we just redo your roof,’ and they were like, ‘well, we can't afford that,’” recalled project lead Patrick Wright. “So that's when I stepped in and said, ‘well, you don't have to afford it, because this is one veteran helping another veteran.’"

“It's important for the next generation to step up and help the generations that served before us," added Wright.

A Coos Bay Vietnam veteran is getting a brand new roof thanks to the group. It's almost finished, and other missions of community outreach are in the making.

For more information on how you can get involved, visit the Q.Missions website at http://www.qmissions.org/ or visit the Q.Missions Facebook page.

A documentary about the group is also on the way; it will be previewed at the Egyptian Theatre in North Bend on Veteran’s Day.

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