'Random attack' ends with fatalities in Ashland

Homicide investigation at Callahan's Lodge - SBG photo from KTVL reporter Mike Marut.jpg

ASHLAND, Ore. - Investigators have named Brian Norman, a 50-year-old from Pacific Grove, California, as the man involved in a double-homicide near the Oregon-California border on Saturday morning.

Norman shot and killed a cook at a southern Oregon lodge in an apparent random attack that ended with the suspect firing shots at traffic on Interstate 5 before he was hit and killed by a pickup driver.

Detectives said they believe Norman was driving to visit a relative in Oregon when he ran out of gas near Callahan's Lodge, which is just off I-5 at milepost 6.

Officials say that Norman went in to the lobby at first to use a phone. He then retrieved a rifle from his car, went back into the lodge's kitchen, and shot and killed the cook, later identified as Ryan Paul Bagley, a 40-year-old Ashland resident.

A release from Jackson County Sheriff's Sgt. Julie Denney says there's no sign that Bagley knew Norman.

Norman then took the keys to Bagley's 1993 Subaru Legacy wagon and headed south on Interstate 5.

At about 7 a.m., shortly before another employee discovered Bagley, police received reports that someone had parked their car in the middle of I-5 south and started shooting at oncoming traffic.

Oregon State Police and Jackson County Sheriff's Office report that the chaos ended when Bradley Moxon ran over Norman with his full-size pickup.

Moxon initially stopped when he saw the Subaru parked in the center lane, but told deputies that he started to drive forward after Norman shot his truck about three times.

Detectives talked with Norman's family members, who said they were surprised by the incident. They added that Norman had undiagnosed mental health issues, Sgt. Denney said.

Investigators want to talk with anyone who may have had contact with Norman shortly before the incident. If you have helpful information, call (541) 774-6800.

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