Recount: Votes for Douglas County Assessor’s contest to be conducted

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    ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Douglas County Clerk’s Office received an official directive from the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office for the recount of the mail-in votes for all precincts for the May 15 Douglas County Primary Election for the Douglas County Assessors contest. county officials report.

    Candidate Dean Tucker filed the demand for recount application SEL 800, on June 14.

    "Pursuant to the ORS 258.190(1), Mr. Tucker is eligible to demand a recount, which means all ballots in all precincts for Douglas County Assessor’s contest will be recounted," the county said in a news release.

    The Douglas County Clerk’s Office will conduct the recount in accordance with the instructions provided by the Oregon Secretary of State, the county said.

    The recount will begin on Wednesday, June 20, at 1 p.m. at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office, inside the Douglas County Courthouse in Room 124.

    The process will continue until all votes have been recounted.

    Douglas County Clerk Patricia Hitt will select four boards of two people, each of different parties, to conduct the recount, according to the statement. A fifth board consisting of Douglas County Clerk’s Office staff may be utilized during the recount to help reduce time and cost.

    Final summary of the May 15, Primary Election results were published by the Douglas County Clerk’s Office on June 2 to the Douglas County e-Government website.

    Douglas County Assessor Contest Results (22,515 total votes cast)

    • Dean Tucker - 11,171 votes (49.62%)
    • Heather M. Coffel - 11,297 (50.18%)
    • Write-in votes - 47 (0.21%)

    Parties interested in observing the recount process will need to notify county clerk Patricia Hitt in writing of who will be attending.

    All others wishing to observe will follow the same procedure as during an election and will need to fill out the regular observer form, the county said.

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