RV totaled after exploding in Marcola; no reported injuries in fire

Fifth-wheel explodes in Marcola; no reported injuries in the fire

MARCOLA, Ore. - A 5th-wheel Recreational Vehicle reportedly exploded in the Marcola area near Springfield on Tuesday night around 6:30 p.m., completely totaling the vehicle.

The fire took place on Whitmoore Street and Treston Lane, where fire crews initially responded to a field fire. They are unsure if the fire originated in the field or at the location of the RV.

Two people lived in the RV, but neither of them were on the location when the fire took place. There were no reported injuries connected to the incident.

Some neighbors that witnessed the fire described the explosion as going into the air, and said that they were worried about their trees catching fire.

Fire crews are currently investigating the cause of the fire. Personnel from the Mohawk Valley Fire, McKenzie Fire and Oregon Department of Forestry were all on hand at the scene.

This is a DEVELOPING STORY, and we will update it as more information is made available.

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