Reedsport Library could stay open by joining Coos County system

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Two weeks ago, Douglas County commissioners announced that all county library branches will close on April 1, including the Reedsport branch.

City officials and community members are looking for a way to keep the Reedsport Library open.

The Coos Library Board met with Reedsport representatives about the possibility of including Reedsport in the Coastline Library System.

This would allow everyone within the library system access the Reedsport Library, broadening the library's clientele.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the idea to continue researching this idea was voted through.

"We are more closely tied to Coos County than we are Douglas County,” said Reedsport City Manager Jonathan Wright. “We're all a part of the south coast, so we're all a part of the same economic shape. We're all working for the same hubs and we all live together, so I think it's great of them to volunteer to continue to look at this option for Reedsport to be consolidated in their district."

"It's a good time to make sure that we're connected with them and support their need for a library rather than leave them isolated," said Coos Library Board Tara Johnson.

Johnson says if the motion is approved and Reedsport joins the Coos County system, it doesn’t mean Coos County tax money would go to the Reedsport Library.

Johnson says funding would come from a Friends of the Library group and from the City of Reedsport.

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