Riders young and old gather at Emerald Valley BMX Track to compete

Riders petal against the clock  on September 23rd, 2017. at Emerald Valley BMX in Eugene, Ore. 

EUGENE, Ore. - Taking place at the Emerald Valley BMX Track, an extreme sport is bringing people together, proving that anyone can ride, no matter what their age is.

Whether young or old, big or small, boy or girl, what matter is not what you look like, but how fast you are on the track.

Every week, riders line up to race at the Emerald Valley BMX track. Track operator, Jason Germyn, says that it's the type of sport that attracts all kinds of people.

"We've had them from three and a half years up to 70-year-olds out here," said Germyn. "The younger kids like it because they're always trying to beat up the old guys, as you can see out there."

For Kylah Cobarrubias, a rider at the track, that just adds to the excitement.

"It's really fun because the little kids are just so cute, and then the old guys you're just like, 'why are they riding?'" said Cobarrubias.

But for everyone, you wait for the signal, ready for when the gate drops, and then put the pedal to the metal.

Germyn adds that the reason he loves the sport has to do with much more than just racing.

"Parents come out here and they're cheering, 'Pedal, Pedal!' It's a lot of fun," said Germyn.

Germyn has been in the BMX world for around 20 years, and he says that the sport has grown increasingly popular among young women in that time, and they're racing right alongside the boys.

"I'd like to say I'm as good as them," said Cobarrubias. "I'll get there eventually."

But win or lose, Cobarrubias says that the track is starting to feel like home.

Next week, the Emerald Valley BMX Track will be hosting a statewide competition called the Governor's Cup. To find out more information, you can visit their website here.

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