Safety Town 2018: Kids in Coos Bay prepare for emergencies by learning from pros

The Boys and Girls Club of Southwestern Oregon & City of Coos Bay teamed to teach kids valuable skills they can use when an emergency strikes, July 30, 2018. (SBG)

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Kids at the Boys and Girls Club of Southwestern Oregon are learning valuable skills that first responders say can make a difference in an emergency.

A time of crisis can be confusing for everyone, especially children.

So, the Boys and Girls Club is teaming up with the City of Coos Bay to put on classes that will hopefully give parents some peace of mind.

"How to dial 911, what we need to know if they need to dial 911, and the reasons to dial 911," explained Kristen McGarity with Coos Bay Police Department. "I have kids of the same age and it's important that they know how to get help if they need help."

That's exactly why Oliver Jansen's mom, Jennie, made sure to sign him up. "It's stuff that we haven't reviewed much at the house, so whatever he could learn here and get experience."

McGarity says the basic information they need from children is where and what is happening.

The 911 dispatcher gave kids a worksheet to fill out their address and color of their home. A good safety tip they shared is to pin such information on the refrigerator where a child can easily access it during an emergency.

Bay Cities Ambulance also stopped by to familiarize kids with EMTs.

"It's a great opportunity to see all emergency services and present to them some of the equipment that we would normally use with them in emergencies--like oxygen, stuff like that--so that they're not afraid of it," explained John Magruder with Bay Cities Ambulance.

The idea is to make scary situations a little less scary by being prepared.

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