School Resource Officer reassures student everything is going to be OK

    Medford Police Facebook page.

    A picture of a student walking with a Medford police officer has been shared all over social media. The picture shows Medford School Resource Officer Mark Patterson walking alongside a Kindergartner.

    Officer Patterson said the student was having a rough day and tried to run off campus, refusing to go to class. That is when Patterson asked him if it was okay if they walked to school together. Patterson said the little guy said yes.

    Patterson told News 10 he was just doing his job.

    "All these are my kids, so I just kinda look at it that way," said Patterson. "So whenever I get a call where a kid is upset or scared, I kinda look at it from the father side and the police side. As an SRO we are the protectors, the mentors, and the educators for these kids as well. So we wear three hats with them."

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