Search for missing fisherman suspended by Coast Guard

CHARLESTON, Ore.- The search for a missing fisherman near Coos Bay's North Jetty has been suspended by the Coast Guard.

But the real hero appears to be a Good Samaritan vessel, The Patty AJ.

According to the Coast Guard, the fishing vessel "Randi" capsized about two miles off the North Jetty sending the three fishermen on board into cold water.

The "Patty AJ" was nearby and saw the whole incident go down.

The Coast Guard says they were able to pull two of the three men from the water and called for the Coast Guard.

"We call them a Good Samaritan- another fishing boat that was out there with them saw what was happening" says Chief Petty Officer, Casey McDonald. "So, they relayed to the Coast Guard what was going on. Which is what we expected from other fishing boats in the area."

The Coast Guard responded to the scene with two helicopters, two motor boats and a lifeboat.

One of the helicopters was used to transport one of the rescued fishermen to Bay Area Hospital but the third man didn't resurface.

A reliable source tells KCBY that man is Jim Peterson, a local resident.

Coast Guard rescuers say, it's extremely important to run practice drills before heading out.

"Make sure that your crew members know where to muster during a fire or in case of an emergency where their emergency suits are" says McDonald. "That they are familiar with how to put them on and to put them on in a quick manner. As we saw yesterday things can go wrong really fast and you need to be prepared and know what you are doing in that situation."

The Coast Guard say they will continue to look out for debris and the missing fisherman during daily boat movement up and down the coast.
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