Senate passes bill to help limit regional crabbing closures


NORTH BEND, Ore. -- The Oregon State Senate has passed a bill to help trace products that may contain toxins like domoic acid in crabs.

Senate Bill 1550 would allow the fishing industry and government agencies to locate specific areas where biotoxins are found making it easier to trace products back in case of a recall.

The goal is to protect public health and limit regional closures when possible.

Officials say toxins are usually found in crab viscera, or the guts, but not often in the meat.

"This bill will actually allow us, in the crab industry, to be able to look at the situation,” said hugh Link with Oregon Dungeness Crab Association. “If it's before season and we've done our testing and we find out there's an area with domoic acid, we can actually still open that area, but under evisceration order."

Link says a temporary rule is currently in place on part of the coast for commercial crabbers.

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