State of the Bay: Coos Bay, North Bend mayors offer community updates

(KCBY image)

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- The mayors of North Bend and Coos Bay took to the podium Wednesday for the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Business Connection Forum.

The forum is set up to give businesses an opportunity to network with each other.

Coos Bay Mayor Joe Benetti and North Bend Mayor Rick Wetherell talked about what's been done and their expectations for the new year.

"We have done some beatification, some street improvements and infrastructure,” said Mayor Benetti of Coos Bay, “so we look forward to continuing those projects in 2018 and make it even better."

"We have a couple priorities for the next year and one of those is our roads, the condition of our roads,” Mayor Wetherell said of North Bend. “We have 43 miles worth of road and we only get about 150 feet worth of payment from the gas tax, so we're looking for solutions to that problem."

The Chamber holds its Wednesday Business Connections every week at noon at the Mill Casino.

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