Teen charged in triple murder 'would have outbursts if he didn’t get his way'

Kevin Wayne Adams, 16, faced arraignment Wednesday on charges of Aggravated Murder stemming from the shooting deaths of his foster mother, foster sister and sister. He did not enter a plea. (SBG)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- There are new details Thursday morning in a triple homicide in Lookingglass, an unincorporated area southwest of Roseburg.

A woman who knows the 16-year-old suspect says she picked up on some red flags.

Kevin Adams is accused of killing his own sister, foster mom, and foster sister.

A woman named Brenda, who spoke with our sister station and asked to keep her last name anonymous, says her younger son and Kevin played together all the time in elementary school, but there were problems.

She says Kevin was prone to violent temper tantrums.

“He would have outbursts, Kevin would, if he didn’t get his way,” Brenda said in the phone interview. “He would throw things, get violent.

“He would have so many outbursts that I couldn't have him coming over anymore. It was too much to handle.”

Brenda says she didn't see signs of abuse in the family, nothing that would lead to this.

She says his foster mother, Donya, often apologized for his behavior and told her he was going to counseling for his temper. Brenda added she lost touch with the family over the years, but saw Donya and Kevin at a local grocery store several months ago.

"I thought maybe he was getting good counseling out of it. He'd always say good things about his family, which is why this is strange to me," she said.

Even with the outbursts, she says there were never any signs of abuse in the house. She says it's hard to believe there could be any motive, and believes this is a mental health issue.

Douglas County deputies say Kevin's foster father wasn't home when the shootings occurred.

Court documents say he came home and found his son outside the home telling him to call 911 and not to go inside the house.

The victims have been confirmed as 55-year-old Donya Adams, 26-year-old Amory Adams, and 10-year-old Payshience Adams.

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