Tenmile Lake's low water levels causing issues for some boaters

Tenmile Lake, August 1, 2016. (SBG photo)

LAKESIDE, Ore. -- Higher temperatures call for activities on the water.

But the warm summer weather can also mean low water levels along rivers and lakes, causing problems for boaters.

Tenmile Lake in Lakeside is one of the many lakes in Oregon with low water levels this time of year.

According to local residents, many boaters have been having issues with unseen obstructions under the water.

"There's sunken logs, hazards and also the banks are growing in a lot,” says Bob Nelson, a boater at Tenmile Lake. “Props have been bent, outdrives have been bent and around the lake, it looks like everybody's docks are dry docks this year."

The Oregon State Marine Board reminds boaters to keep safety in mind; always wear a life jacket while boating and be aware of what's ahead of you.

They also urge you to be cautious when you're out on the water.

Water can change the landscape from week to week, so what didn't seem dangerous one week could be the next.

You can find more boating safety tips along with reported navigation obstructions on the marine board's web page.

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