Thanksgiving Baskets donated to families at Riverbend Hospital

Sacred Heart Riverbend to help feed more than 800 people this Thanksgiving

EUGENE, Ore. - During a time of the year when families get together for the holidays, Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend is helping those who spend a lot of time at the hospital with loved ones receiving care.

Riverbend is providing Thanksgiving baskets to more than 800 people, with a project that started in 1979, serving 50 people.

The gifts are filled with all the ingredients you need for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, helping mothers like Kayla Guerrero, who has children in the hospital and says that Sacred Heart is like her second home.

"I have had to miss a lot of work and things have been tight this year, so to have a hospital employee nominate us is very heartwarming and it makes you feel loved," said Guerrero.

The coordinator for the project says that the planning for this event starts in June, and that fundraising events are taking place year round.

If you would like to donate to the Thanksgiving Basket Project, you can visit the Riverbend Facebook page at

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