The Veterans Art Show: A therapeutic outlet for vets

The Veterans Art Show helping vets get through every day life

COOS COUNTY, Ore. - A group of veterans in Coos County are providing help for other veterans, which is the main idea behind the arts and crafts show that is now in its seventh year.

William Baroswicz has sold his Myrtlewood creations at the art show since it first started, and it's the Veterans Art Show that has helped him cope with some of the difficulties of life after being at war.

"Being with other veterans, I feel safe. Otherwise, I don't go out, I hate crowds," said Bartoswicz. "It's easier for me to talk to people. Before, I wouldn't even talk to you, I would just leave, but it's getting easier."

It's no only a therapeutic outlet for healing, but the art show is also a way for veterans to showcase their talents in the community.

The veteran art and craft show is held for two weeks in November at the Pony Village Mall. The rest of the year, the group looks for veterans potentially interested in participating.

If you want to get involved with the Veterans Art Show, you can call 541-751-1275.

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