U of O offers virtual reality campus tours

University of Oregon is offering campus tours via virtual reality goggles. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. -- The University of Oregon is making it easier for students to tour campus from the comfort of their own home.

The campus tour is all about virtual reality.

It launched in March – allowing students that are admitted to the university to go on their own tour from wherever they may be.

All they need is a smart phone and a pair of goggles.

“You can fly through things. You feel like you're right there, and it's 360 so you could spin around,” said Lauren Miller with University of Oregon.

More than 80 places on campus can be visited.

You can ride a motorcycle with the duck, cheer on the football team, hang in the studio, and zoom around the courtyard.

“We thought, you know, it's pretty expensive for some families to fly here. I wonder if we could actually create something that brought our campus virtually - like a full 'we're right there' kind of experience,” Miller said.

The goggles are mailed out to admitted undergrads, so students in any country can tour the school.

All they have to do is download the UO360 app on their smartphone and stick it in the box, which was created by the U of O.

“We hired some students to be part of this team with us and they guided us the whole way through... what should we put in there or what would you have like to see,” Miller said.

The University also filmed the virtual reality tour.

“So if you could imagine eight or 10 GoPros taped together, but really it looks like something from outer space, you just plop one of those right in the middle of something and it records it, and gives you that full experience,” Miller said.

The project cost about $230,000 and about half of that was used for the app.

The goggles sent out to students cost $3.

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