University of Oregon named bee-friendly campus

The Pacific Northwest Bumble Bee Atlas is partnering with several organizations and departments across the Pacific Northwest – working to survey bumblebees.

EUGENE, Ore. - The University of Oregon is finally considered a bee-friendly campus.

It’s a collaboration between the University and Bee Campus USA – working to create a better environment for our bee pollinators.

The University will not use neonicotinoid pesticides, and will continue to plant patches of native plants and launch a web page with information about how to improve our ecosystem.

“Bees are fascinating, students find," said Harper Keeler, with the U of O. "You know, their eyes light up when we talk about bees and then it leads to conversations about how we grow food in this country and how we grow food locally."

The University is the fortieth educational institution to be certified as an affiliate of the Bee Campus USA program.

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