Vehicle rear-ends school bus loading middle school student

    (KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

    Medford Police is investigating whether distracted driving was the cause of a vehicle rear-ending a school bus Wednesday morning as a student was getting on at Vilas Road near Table Rock Road.

    "It's the main strip between going to White City and Central Point and to the I-5 and trying to get to Costco and everybody drives Vilas Road."

    Cary Virgen, who heard the accident says many who drive on that stretch of the road don't do it safely.

    "Constant speeding, hard to get out on the road. If you don't gun it you can't get on that road you almost get hit almost every day," said Virgen.

    Since it is such a connector road from city to city, Virgen has to drive it, but not without a lot of precaution.

    "Especially when I have my grand-baby and my daughter with me - it's crazy, it's scary," said Virgen.

    If you aren't cautions or lose sight of the road for a moment police say kids on the road are who you endanger as you rush to and from work.

    "It is that time of morning and in the evening that these school buses are out there, there are going to be kids around and to be careful," said Lieutenant Justin Ivens, with Medford Police.

    As a reminder, Lt. Ivens says the rule when it comes to school buses is cut and dry.

    "If they have the red lights and their stopped and they’re actively picking up kids and they have the lights that are indicating that, traffic has to stop in all directions," said Lt. Ivens.

    And a moment of looking away or looking down, Virgen says could easily lead to something like this again.

    "If you don't got your eyes on the road you're more than likely going to get hit or you're going to hit somebody," said Virgen.

    Thankfully the injuries from the crash were minor.

    One student with back pain was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

    The driver who crashed into the bus was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries and was cited for careless driving and failure to stop for a school bus.

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