"We're trying to fish for basically anything that will bite."

Terry Fisher of Applegate entered this photo of a young boy fishing on Lake Ewauna in Klamath Falls.

OREGON - Have you wanted to take a friend or family member fishing, but they don’t have a fishing license?

This weekend is the time to get them out on the water.

It’s free fishing in Oregon, sponsored by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. That means, Oregon residents and visitors can fish, crab and clam without a license.

“We're fishing for trout; hopefully we'll get a couple you never know, if not we're just out here for a beautiful day,” says local fisher, Don Bush.

“We’re trying to fish for basically anything that'll bite, but we're hoping to get some Lake trout today,” says local fisher Jeff Savage.

The free fishing weekend lasts until Sunday night.

This is an annual event that takes place the first weekend of June.

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