Western Gas recalls propane, says its scent is difficult to detect

Portable propane cylinder -photo courtesy Consumer Product Safety Commission

Western Gas is recalling propane gas because it may not contain sufficient levels of odorant to help alert consumers to a gas leak.

This means the smell associated with the gas was not strong enough to be easily detected.

Western Gas is concerned that a consumer could fail to detect the leaking gas and it could potentially result in a fire, explosion and thermal burn.

They issued the recall on Dec. 28, 2017 and recommend replacing and repairing any portable cylinders filled with this gas.

They say the gas was delivered to consumers’ storage tanks or sold at retail locations in portable cylinders.

They say the propane tanks that were inspected for the level or odorant or refilled after November 2017 are not included in the recall.

If you’ve purchased a portable cylinder filled with this gas, you should contact the retailer or the Western Gas toll-free hotline at 833-444-1451. You can also call this number to determine if your propane is affected.

If you own gasoline that is included in the recall, you can return the cylinder for a replacement.

The gasoline was distributed in Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. They were delivered by various companies and sold by various retailers from April 2015 through October 2017.

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