What's the trick if your pet eats your Halloween treats?

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    ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Halloween is next week and with it comes a warning about tricks and treats that might be bad for your pet.

    Veterinarians say to keep pets away from all candy - things like chocolate and sugar-free gum.

    They say the sugar substitute can cause liver failure and be fatal.

    But veterinarians say this is what you should do if your pet does eat some Halloween treats.

    "Start showing signs of vomiting, not wanting to eat, being sick and laying around," explains Christy Cuttings, a veterinarian at Animal Companion Clinic. "It's important to get the (product's) wrapper and then bring them to the vet so we can figure out what sort of toxicity they have."

    Cuttings says pets can eat small amounts of pumpkin during Halloween.

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