Youngsters hitting the floor at Pirate Basketball Skills Camp

Pirate Basketball Skills Camp takes place in April at Madison Elementary School, April 5, 2018.(SBG)

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Future Marshfield basketball champions are practicing in Coos Bay at a new basketball camp that kicked off this week, showing you're never too young to learn the game.

From little dribblers to future phenoms, many turned out at the Pirate Basketball Skills Camp Thursday at Madison Elementary School.

"We're just teaching the kids how to play basketball and promoting love for the game,” Marshfield basketball coach Aaron Mason explains, “and learning all the awesome things that we learn from sports, like character and working hard and having fun with friends."

Mason is hosting two camps this spring - one just for kindergartners and first graders, another for second and third graders.

“I just noticed that they really love basketball when I teach it in physical education,” mason says, “so, I just thought it'd be a great opportunity for the kids to learn even more about the game outside of class."

The camps run for five week and cover dribbling, shooting, and other skills.

"I wanted to come to camp because I want to get really good at basketball," said third grader Josh Sullivan.

"My older son is a senior at Marshfield and he played basketball with these coaches,” said Kim Kyllo of Coos Bay, who has youngster attending the camp. “They work wonderfully with the older kids and they've been really good to my son when he's been there to cheer on his brother, so thought it'd be a great opportunity. He's super excited and wants to be a Pirate so he wanted to come."

Says Coach Mason: “That's a definite goal for our program - to watch these kids grow for the next 8 to 9 years and hopefully, one day, suit up in purple and gold for us."

The camp will be held for the next four weeks.

For more information on the camps and to register, contact Madison Elementary School.

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