Youth Transition Program provides steps to a successful future

South Coast Youth Transition Program (SBG)

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Georgia Sunderland graduated from Marshfield High School in June.

Now, her goal is to go to cosmetology school.

"I got into a car accident and I got a concussion from it, she explained, "and I've had multiple concussions...headaches all the time; I can't focus; I'm not very good with my words. When you're going to school, it's hard to focus on things and actually get through the programs they're trying to put you through."

Georgia wears light-filtering glasses to help her focus. They were provided by the Youth Transition Program, based at North Bend High School.

It's a career counseling program for people with disabilities.

Melissa Downs is a mentor with the program. "The YTP program is to help students with differences get employed in the community or go to post-secondary education."

Downs says students and their mentors fund-raise at the Wednesday Farmers Market to buy clothes for students to go on job interviews.

They're also hoping to develop a lunchtime program for students to meet with prospective employers.

"We do different job skills and work in the community and volunteer," said YTP student Emily Aday.

Aday also takes part in the program. She has ADHD and wants to be a teacher.

"I used to have a very bad social anxiety and they have really helped me a lot," she said.

For Emily and Georgia, the Youth Transition Program is helping to provide the next step to a successful future.

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