911 call: 'I can't get out' says UPS driver attacked by pit bulls

    Photo from Davis Law Group shows the UPS driver after the attack. 

    TACOMA, Wash. -- The United States Parcel Service driver who was attacked by pit bulls in September in Puyallup said in a recorded 911 call that he was trapped on a trailer and couldn't get out.

    According to a 911 call recording released by Davis Law Group, P.S., UPS driver Kevin Backlund can be heard telling a dispatcher that he had been attacked by multiple pit bulls as the dogs can be heard barking in the background of the call.

    "I'm trapped on a trailer, I'm bleeding profusely..I can't get out," Backlund said in the 911 recording.

    Chris Davis of Davis Law Group, P.S. is the principal attorney representing Backlund, according to the law group.

    Backlund was attacked by at least four pit bulls in the Sept. 13 incident leaving him with more than 100 stitches.

    The attack happened when Backlund attempted to deliver a package to a property in Puyallup. He entered a gated yard and was attacked by a pack of at least four pit bulls.

    Firefighters had to ram through a driveway gate to save Backlund after they were denied entry to the property by a woman who was there.

    By the time rescuers reached the driver, he was covered in blood and two pit bulls had sunk their teeth into this legs, trying to pull him off a small trailer where he had climbed in an effort to get away, according to the official report.

    The Pierce County Prosecutor's Office is considering felony dog bite charges for the incident.

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