Several Maryland residents lose more than $1 million after falling victim to phone scam

Several Montgomery County residents lose $1 million after falling victim to phone scam (ABC7)

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WJLA) — Investigators say several Montgomery County citizens of Chinese descent have been the victim of a bold phone scam that prays on fear of deportation.

Detective Brandon Mengedoht says the suspects, probably calling from China or Hong Kong, have intimidated seven residents since May into wiring nearly $1.5 million to make fabricated problems go away.

“The speaker tells them that they are individual with the government, maybe a police officer, a prosecutor or they have a government affiliation and that they have problems in their country. There’s a warrant for their arrest and that they have to pay various fees or fines to get the problem solved, ” says Detective Mengedoht.

And they're told if they don't pay they'll be deported or sent to prison in China.

Police say catching these suspects will be difficult so they’re educating Montgomery County citizens from all corners of the globe that if targeted by any phone scam, hang up and call the police.

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