Teens caught on video making human bridge out of boy with cerebral palsy

    This screengrab shows the Facebook video of a boy with cerebral palsy being used as a human bridge. (Photo: Brandon Jolie on Facebook)

    SYDNEY, Nova Scotia (CIRCA) — A video surfaced on Facebook this week that reportedly shows a teen with cerebral palsy being bullied in eastern Canada, The Chronicle Herald reported.

    In the video, a group of teens makes the boy lay face down in shallow water while a girl steps on his back, apparently to avoid getting wet.

    "Never in my LIFE have I ever been more disgusted. The young boy in this video is my friends son, he has cerebral palsy," Brandon Jolie says in the caption of the video. "This is Glace Bay High School."

    "Parents; you failed this generation. The amount of teenagers that stood around and watched this happen, even took videos of it," Jolie continues. "I hope you watch this video, recognize your kid and feel the shame. To the little girl that stepped on him; you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself."

    The boy, identified as 14-year-old Brett Corbett, told the publication this wasn't the first time he's been bullied at school.

    “I’ve been bullied before and I tried to take this to the office and they ignored me, like they ignored me back in September," he told The Chronicle Herald. "I was threatened. Someone was making fun of me for stuttering and I flipped him off. He said, ‘You flip me off one more time, I’ll kick your teeth down your throat."

    The video was posted by a Facebook user who explained the child is his son's friend.

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